Unibet Australia Top Features Jan 2023

In the 90s, Unibet has been a top player in the gambling industry for many years. It is this experience that has seen close to 15 million customers creating accounts with them. Unibet has spread its wings in over 100 countries with Australia being one of the lucky countries. With gambling regulations in place in different countries, Unibet has been forced to adapt to them by tailoring a website for each region.

Unibet Australia Top Features: Daily Specials & Exclusive Registration Codes 

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This is the reason you see Casino, Poker, Bingo, Vegas, and other sections lacking in an Australian website but present in the UK version. Unibet is one of the top-rated platforms due to the games provided, among the best odds, and several standout features. 

Unibet Australia Sportsbook Review

Unibet Australia, for example, has seen some of the top events, tournaments, leagues, challenges, and competitions provided to the players. They include; AFL, NRL, Australian Rugby Union, The Melbourne Cup, Rugby World Cup, A-League, and so on. Australia is known to revere racing events such as Horse Racing, Greyhounds, and Harness Racing. For this reason, the platform has tailored the site to have more of this which is positive to Aussie players. More than 28 different sports have also been offered including;

  • Australian Rules Cricket Ice Hockey
  • Baseball Darts Soccer
  • Basketball Golf Tennis

Top Features and Bonuses at Unibet Australia

But apart from the huge selection of games and huge markets provided, players are also attracted to the top features Unibet Australia offers including;

Live Streaming at Unibet Australia 

This comes out as one of the most sought after features in any bookmaker globally. The feature allows players to keep in tabs with some of the events they have placed bets on by watching the games live. You don’t need to watch on a TV or attend the game. You only need to have an account with a positive balance and/or an account that had placed a bet in the last 24 hours.

Once you are logged in, on the centre lobby, there will be an option ‘Streaming’ alongside ‘Home’ and ‘Live Right Now’. After clicking the option, all the games available for live streaming will be present. The following are the sports available for streaming on Unibet Australia; Soccer including leagues such as Spain La Liga and Italy Serie A, Basketball, Snooker, Tennis, Baseball, and Ice Hockey.

Unibet Australia prides itself on streaming over 30,000 games in a year. This is quite an impressive number. Among the major advantages of live streaming is that it helps the players while live betting. As you watch the game unfolding, you can read the dynamics and decide on what bet to take. A good internet connection is advisable if you are to enjoy live streaming.

Live Betting at Unibet in Australia 

Otherwise called in-play betting, live betting is another feature that has seen Unibet Australia come out on top. Live betting in many cases helps the player record high returns if he/she can play the cards well. The feature allows you to make a bet on a live event. Depending on the game scores, the odds will be in motion. You may get the odds at the highest or the lowest. In case, you find them at the highest and the game ends in your favour, you will be guaranteed a great return.

A point to note, however, is that Australian laws restrict live betting in phones and such like. For this reason, if you wish to make a live bet, you will have to call Unibet Australia through a number provided on the same. 

Top Features and Sports Bonuses at Unibet Australia

Cash Out at Unibet AUS 

Cash-out is another popular yet very crucial feature in a bookmaker. Many bookmakers are incorporating this feature which has been received positively by many players. Cash-out allows you to take control of your bets and money. In some instances, your bet might be winning and on the last game, one team lets you down which on a normally translates to a loss. 

With the feature, you can withdraw the winnings when the bet is ongoing provided they are aligned to a winning pattern. In the case your bet is losing, the stake keeps on decreasing until the game is finished. You can alternatively, withdraw part of your stake to minimize the losses you were to incur. 

Unibet Australia cash out is available on various sports including soccer, tennis, basketball, among others. Whether on a pre-match bet or a live bet, single bet or multiple bets, cash out will be available.

The expert edge at Unibet Australia 

This is a tailored sports data platform by Unibet which allows the players to have an insight into the game they are betting on. In a way, the feature shows the team to back with various reasons highlighted in the form of data. On the game you choose to bet, you will get data ranging from the home and away record of the teams, average goals scored and average goals conceded, favourite and underdog record, past meetings results, injuries, and so on.

From the reviews, this section has been positive with many players benefitting from the statistics.


Unibet Mobile Review of Top Features

Last but not least, is Unibet’s mobile platform. Convenience remains a key factor in betting. Few players can access the betting shops and considering some of the games might be played at night, then it becomes a big ask. For this reason, many bookmakers have offered a mobile platform to the players where they can access the site’s products and services at their comfort.

Unibet Australia has also offered this in two ways. One can access through a mobile site version or a tailored mobile application. There will be no download needed while accessing the site version and with well-updated browsers and a good internet connection, you can have a flawless experience on the site. The site boasts of good navigation with clear fonts and top-notch graphics.

On the mobile application medium, a download will be needed. After a successful download from the Apple Store for iOS users and Unibet’s main site for Android users, you will be ready to go. Google Play Store does not accept applications that allow real money wagers. The application is also friendly and has been tailored with navigation tools alongside high-quality fonts, colours, and graphics.

The mobile application generally allows the following services;

  • Account creation
  • Processing transactions (deposits and withdrawals)
  • Contacting customer service
  • Cash-out
  • Live streaming

Final Thoughts On Unibet in Australia: Highly Recommended

Unibet Australia is definitely one of the best operators in the market. What we really enjoy at Unibet is how innovative it is and how they keep updating the features, their mobile applications all the time. They have a special platform for Australian punters which is easy to use, with interesting features as we saw throughout our review. It is definitely highly recommended since it is one of the most trustworthy operators worldwide.

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