Ladbrokes Australia: Live Streaming Guide & Review

Ladbrokes is a popular sportsbook in Australia and there are plenty of reasons to consider signing up with this operator. The betting platform, mobile app, sports coverage, and quality of odds are some of the different reasons. Yet, a punter can also go one better and immensely enjoy Ladbrokes’ live streaming service. Apart from the option to bet on multiple sports around the world, Ladbrokes Australia also has a dedicated section where live event can be watched for free.

Ladbrokes Australia

Live Streaming of Sports Online for Free

The live streaming service offered by Ladbrokes is similar to any other streaming services like YouTube and Netflix. The crucial difference is the availability of sports content alone. There is very little delay in the broadcasts and the requirements placed upon a punter to watch the broadcast is also very minimal. Many bookmakers do not offer this feature and even those who provide this feature require an active bet in order to watch the streams. Yet, Ladbrokes is different in this regard.

A punter only needs to have a funded account to watch the broadcasts. Incidentally, the account has to be funded at least 24 hours before the start of the match/race.

Such relaxed requirements make Ladbrokes a great destination for fans of football and horse racing.

How to Get Access to the Live Streams from Desktop

The process of getting access to a Ladbrokes live stream is easy on a desktop site. If a player does not have an account, they first need to register by hitting the join button on the home page. A number of vital information like name, address, and email address will be requested in this section. After providing the details and verifying the account with an identification document, a player can deposit funds at least 24 hours before the match so that they meet the live stream requirements.

If the user already has an account, the next focus is on adding funds. There are several ways to fund an account including credit cards and e-wallets. A minimum deposit is also sufficient to qualify for the streaming service.

After depositing the funds, users need to head into the live sports section. The events that are being covered by the live stream service are listed here. Just clicking on the Watch Live button inside a particular event will provide access to the stream. It is recommended to have a good Internet connection so that the streams are offered in high quality and without any buffering problems.

All streams will start a couple of minutes before the start of the event. The broadcast will also end once the event has come to a conclusion. One can typically expect a 3 to 10 second lag, which is caused as a result of transmission delay.

How to Access Live Streams from Mobile

ladbrokes AUS mobile app

An attractive aspect of Ladbrokes’ live streaming service is the ability to watch content even on mobile devices. The operator provides a full-fledged mobile app that can work on Android and iOS devices – both smartphones and tablets alike. Apart from providing access to all the betting markets, there are also is very crucial in allowing a punter to access the live stream service. Most of the requirements for watching the content do not change, but it is even more imperative that the Internet connection is of very high quality so that streams are available without interruption.

Live Stream Coverage of Different Sports

Ladbrokes, in different parts of the world, is able to provide coverage for almost every major sporting event. Even though it is not compatible with operators like Bet365, Ladbrokes is no stranger to offering streams on football, tennis, basketball, horse races, and other sports. Yet, this privilege largely extends to the United Kingdom and some parts of the world. Australian punters are at a significant disadvantage in terms of the quantity of content.

There are live streams of the English Premier League, but Ladbrokes Australia does not offer this feature. Instead, the operator focuses predominantly on horse races. A few years ago, Ladbrokes entered into a partnership with the Racing Victoria. As part of this partnership, punters have been provided access to every Victorian race. Since the races are unavailable on most satellite subscriptions, the Ladbrokes sportsbook remains as one of the convenient places to watch the races.

There have also been occasions when Ladbrokes Australia extended the live stream section to cover major basketball events like the play-offs. A punter who met the requisites was able to watch all matches in the play-offs. There is also some degree of coverage given to tennis matches, football games, and more. Yet, these are substantially less compared to the Ladbrokes versions in other parts of the world.

The live streaming service can be made to work in such a way that the punter is able to follow their bet. Sadly, Australian laws do not permit live bets The most effective use of the live stream service in this section will be felt in the horse races, which is covered extensively. A punter also has the advantage of being able to view multiple statistics alongside the broadcast.

Even though the streams available for a punter will have around 3 to 10 seconds in lag compared to the actual live event, this is not much of a problem.

Features that Enhance Live Streams

There are a couple of features that Ladbrokes that can enhance the value of the live stream section even further. A huge advantage with Ladbrokes Australia is the wealth of statistics available concerning an event. The statistics page will provide information before and after a particular event. This can be very handy for a punter who need not leave the betting destination in order to find more information that can help make better betting choices.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ladbrokes Live Streams

What is the quality of the live stream?

The quality of the live stream is dependent on network conditions. If the user is on a fast network, they will be able to get good quality streams. This is especially profound on the desktop site. Meanwhile, a punter is recommended to have an outstanding data connection on the phone so as to ensure the availability of high-quality streams on mobile devices.

Is it possible to view live streams on apps?

Yes, Ladbrokes Australia offers the live streaming content on desktop and mobile platforms alike. The latter is catered to a dedicated app, which is offered for mobile operating systems like Android and iOS.

Is it absolutely necessary to have a bet on an event to watch the stream?

The requirements to watch the live stream differs from one sport to the other. For horse races, which happen to be the biggest product of live stream services, it is required to have a valid bet on the race. If not, users can watch the broadcast even with just a funded account.

Is it possible to contact customer service regarding live streams?

Yes, customer support is available through multiple means so that users can get in touch regarding any issue, which can even be about live streams.

What devices are capable of supporting live streams?

It is possible to watch live streams on all devices – mobile, desktop, and tablets – if they are connected to the Internet.