Horse Racing at Unibet Australia – Betting Guide 2023

Horse Racing is one of the popular sports in Australia. Many players have followed the racing events and the bookmakers have made it better by providing a platform whereby as they enjoy the races, they can also make returns from them. Unibet is one such bookie offering a horse racing wagering avenue. Unibet horse racing has been lauded for the events hosted on the bookie, the various betting options provided, and the horse racing odds at Unibet which have been positively received.

Whether you are a new player or an existing player on the platform, you need to have an idea of how to make a bet, tips that can help you make a potential winning bet, and understanding some of the different betting options/types Unibet horse racing Australia provides. This Unibet horse racing guide will offer an insight into the aforementioned aspects.

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How to Bet on Horse Racing on Unibet

For you to take advantage of the horse racing odds on Unibet by wagering, you will need to first have an account with the bookie. Creating an account with the sportsbook is an easy process. Simply follow the link and follow the instructions provided after clicking the ‘Register’ option. 

Once you are logged into your account, the following simple steps will be followed to make a bet;

  1. Click on the ‘Racing’ section on the top lobby and select your interested event in the various countries (Australia, Dubai, France, South Africa, Norway, UK & Ireland)
  2. Have a look at the odds provided carefully before you place a bet
  3. Choose your preferred bet type and enter the amount of money you wish to stake
  4. Submit your bet and wait for the Unibet horse racing results

Top Features and Bonuses at Unibet Australia

Top Horse Racing Odds

The horse racing odds provided on the platform are competitive and among the best in the market. With competitive odds, players can expect to garner huge returns on the events. Unibet Australia offers fixed-odds betting which is the most common system used in the world. This means that the bookie establishes its odds and your payout will be determined by your (stake x odds). In other cases, Unibet might use a starting price where you will not have a clue of the odds until the event starts. The odds have further been complemented by the several betting types/options provided by Unibet. 

They include;

  • Win Only – The simplest and the most common type of bet. As the name suggests, you will be required to place a straight win for a horse to finish first. A tip to look for here is on the bookmakers offering ‘best odds guaranteed’ where you will get paid at the highest price if the starting price got higher as compared to when you placed your bet.
  • Win/Place – A bet on a horse to place will simply require the horse to finish in the second position. However, a win/place bet type will award you returns if the horse finishes first or second.

Exotic bets are also available on the platform. Exotic bets are the riskiest and translate to higher returns since their odds are at the highest. The chances of winning the predicted outcome are low hence the risky nature. The bets are as follows;

  • Exacta – Some bookies may refer to this bet as Perfecta or Exactor. In this type of bet, the player will pick two horses which must finish in the first and second positions (Win and Place). The horses must finish in the order or else the bet will be lost
  • Quinella – Quinella is less risky than exacta but similar in a way. A player will be required to pick two horses that will finish in the first two positions. The difference here is that the player will not predict the order in which they finish
  • Trifecta – A bet type where a player will correctly predict the first three horses and in the correct order.
  • First Four – The bet requires a player to pick four horses that will take the first four positions in the correct order

Unibet – Horse Racing Tips

Every player wants to record winnings on the platform and for this to happen, one needs to learn some of the tips he/she can use while betting. The most basic of them include;

  • Have some background information

Researching on the multiple races provided throughout the year is a key aspect. Going through the guides can help you get crucial information that can influence your bet. Unibet has also offered a blog which is expertly updated with the necessary information on some of the top races. Carrying out research will give you information about the form of the horses, past races, jockey, trainer, type of track, location, and such like.

  • Make different kinds of bets

With a variety of different betting types provided on the platform, you are advised not to stick to one bet type. Get to try many of them and see where your luck is. This also includes trying different races. You can opt to make an accumulator or a parlay to juggle with all the opportunities for a return.

  • Manage your bankroll

This is the most important tip as you bet. Ensure that the money you stake is an amount you can afford to lose. Always have a budget ready on the amount you can use and ensure you control your cash. And most importantly, know when to quit!

Upcoming Australia horse racing events

Various races are available daily at Unibet Australia but some are more anticipated and command more following. Some of them can be watched by the live streaming on Unibet feature. But what are some of these top upcoming events;

  • Melbourne Cup – The most famous thoroughbred race event in Australia. The event takes place on the first Tuesday in November and the prize money for the competition is $8 million. The event attracts a lot of viewing with many people making their way to the city to view the races.
  • Caulfield Cup – Another revered event that takes place before the Melbourne Cup. The prize money to be won is $5 million with the event incorporating 18 contestants to battle it up
  • Cox Plate – Every late October, the Cox Plate event is held. The event is hosted at the twisting Moonee Valley circuit
  • Victoria Derby – Another popular event that attracts huge masses at Flemington. 

Those and more racing events will be available for selection at Unibet Australia.


The racing section at Unibet has to be lauded for the maximum attention it has been provided. Players can choose to bet on horse racing, greyhounds, and harness racing. The positive highlight is that the races incorporated have included those in Australia and other countries. Additionally, high competitive odds have been offered on the platform making the horse racing betting experience better. Finally, the betting types provided have also been welcomed with players having different betting opportunities to place their bets.

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