Betfair Australia Best Features List for Jan 2023

Betfair Australia is one of the leading bookmakers in the region due to numerous great features available exclusively to their customers.

Betfair Australia Best Features -Offers & Bonuses for January

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Betfair Exchange

Betfair in Australia has been around since 2005, and since then, it made a significant impact on online sports betting in the country. While Betfair offers the traditional style of betting where bookmakers set the odds, it became famous for its betting marketplace known as Betfair Exchange. Here, bettors go against each other and bet on odds and prices set by other players. Betfair charges a 5% commission on all winnings. This rate changes based on how much you use this feature, and over time, you can build up to a 60% discount. The good thing about the exchange is that you build up points for a discount even if you lose the bet.

At the Exchange, players have two options: to back or to lay a bet. Simply put, when you back a bet, you play against the bookmaker (in this case, another player). When you lay a bet, you take the role of bookmaker and set the odds and prices for other players. Betfair Exchange is excellent for experienced bettors who like new challenges and unique features, but also for new players who just want to try something new. The Exchange generally has better odds and prices than regular markets because they constantly fluctuate and change depending on team news. Prices are up to date, and the more players play, the bigger the winnings.

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Sports Markets

Bet fair Australia offers an extensive selection of sports. They have more than 20 sports markets and cover the majority of big events in Australia and around the world. Most popular sports are listed on the front page, and they include Australian Football League and National Rugby League. These two sports are by far the most popular sports in the region. Apart from them, Betfair offers extensive coverage of tennis, soccer, North American sports, and horse racing. Soccer is very popular in Australia, and bettors can enjoy a wide variety of international leagues. They cover everything, from European big five to the more obscure leagues such as Algerian, Japanese and Korean.

Between the season breaks of AFL and NRL, bettors can enjoy a wide variety of North American sports such as football, baseball, and basketball. They cover NFL, MLB, and NBA mostly, but also the college leagues, which are quite popular and profitable. For all bettors wanting to experience something completely new, there are sections such as financial bets, e-sports, and politics. 

Betfair Hub

One of the best features at is The Hub. This is an area where you can find guides, articles, statistics, and other tools to help you master the Betfair Exchange. The Hub is very detailed and offers extensive guides on horse and greyhound racing, NRL, AFL, cricket, tennis, soccer, North American sports, and motor racing. There are plenty of strategies that can help you become the best at a specific sport. Most of The Hub is written by people at Betfair and some of the most experienced players in Australia. Additionally, you can see racing results of each horse, harness and greyhound race in Australia and wider. The Hub may not be visible from the get go, so make sure you search the site after Betfair login Australia.

Betfair API

For advanced bettors, Betfair offers a developer program that enables the use of JSON-RPC to interface with Betfair Exchange. JSON-RPC is a very simple protocol, defining only a few data types and commands which allow for multiple notifications. It is a virtual assistant that makes it easier to place and track Betfair trades. Another big advantage of Betfair API is suited for frequent high traders. Transaction charges for 1000+ transactions an hour are half what they charge other customers.

In order to obtain this program, you’ll need an Application Key. This key identifies your API client, and only two App keys are assigned to one Betfair account. These keys are created by using the CreateDeveloperAppKeys service in the Accounts API Demo Tool. There are detailed instructions on Betfair’s site. In addition, there are third-party applications such as BF Bot Manager which enables you to transact pre-defined betting strategies through Betfair API.

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Horse Racing

Betfair horse racing is among the most popular sports in Australia. The bookmaker offers tote and betting exchange for horse racing. Other sports have commission of 5%, but the rates for horse racing range between 6% and 8%. This is due to the fees Betfair has to pay to Australian racing bodies. Horse racing in Australia is all about the odds and the ability to lay horses to lose. And if you love value, you’ll enjoy backing horses on the Exchange.

There are numerous possibilities to back horses on Betfair. It includes win, place, each way, match betting and forecast betting. If the race features a strong favourite, Betfair is no stranger to forming markets without the favourites or winning distance. Lay bet on horses to lose is something very unique to Betfair, which is why Betfair horse racing is dominating the region.

Besides the ability to lay horses to lose, another massive attraction are the generous prices and odds. Bookmakers with an overall profit margin closer to 100% are regarded as the ones with better and more competitive odds. While some other bookmakers have an over round of 109% to 116%, Betfair had just a little bit over 102%. Even after the commission is deducted, it is clear that Betfair has some of the best pricing and odds on horse racing.

Conclusion: Definitely Recommended 

Betfair Australia definitely became a powerhouse in the region after they got their license in 2005. They offer plenty of sports markets, and the odds are very competitive, especially for certain markets like horse racing. Besides the traditional betting style of player versus bookmaker, it also serves as a betting marketplace known as the Exchange. Here, players can take the role of bookmaker and play against each other at the odds and prices set by players themselves. 

Other unique features are The Hub, with plenty of information, statistics, and guides on how to become an expert bettor and the Betfair API, which is a virtual assistant that helps players keep track of trades. All of these features are what keeps Betfair above their competition.

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